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是名词的时候,+to do sth是说这个“志愿者”做了什么什么事情+ for sth是说这个“志愿者”为那些事服务 the volunteers for olympics【奥运志愿者】 是动词的时候.volunteer就变成了“自愿”的意思 they volunteered to offering service during olympic games【他们自愿为奥运会服务】 意思就变成了某某某"自愿"去做什么什么事和某某某"自愿”做了什么什么事.

Aunt Mary volunteered to clean up the kitchen.玛丽姨妈主动要求打扫厨房.Many people volunteer to work on the farms. 许多人自动到农场劳动.

He volunteered to do the job. 他自愿去做那份工作.

decide to do 词典 决定做某事 网络 决定; 决定做; 决定去做某事 If you decide to do you own make-up, here are a few valuable tips that will help you look your best.如果你决定自己化妆,这里有一些有用的小窍门,可以帮助你呈现最美的一面.

I decide to go to bed early tonight 我决定今晚早点睡觉.: I'd like to volunteer to help that old man.我自愿去帮助那些老人

1 He volunteers to help his mother clean the house. 2 I volunteered to collect money for pools. 3 She is going to volunteering to visit the Old People's House. 4 We are volunteering to beautify our city. 5 They were volunteering to organize a welcome party. describe后面不能接to do sth

A volunteer is someone who does work without being paid for it, because they want to do it. 谢谢采纳!

志愿做某事volunteer to do something If you volunteer to do something, you are doing it of your own free will.如果你志愿做某事,你就是凭着自己的意愿去做的.

volunteer to do sth 自愿做某事,主动做某事

Volunteer one's time to do sth. 自愿利用时间干某事例句:I always volunteer my time to help others我经常自愿利用时间帮助别人


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