voluntEEr to Do用法

volunteer to do sth 自愿做某事,主动做某事

正确用法:volunteer some time doing sth.volunteer some time to sth.

是名词的时候,+to do sth是说这个“志愿者”做了什么什么事情+ for sth是说这个“志愿者”为那些事服务The volunteers for olympics【奥运志愿者】是动词的时候.volunteer就变成了“自愿”的意思they volunteered to offering service during olympic games【他们自愿为奥运会服务】意思就变成了某某某"自愿"去做什么什么事和某某某"自愿”做了什么什么事.

vt.1. 自愿(做)[(+to-v)] They volunteered to repair the house for the old lady.他们主动提出替老太太修缮房子.2. 自愿提供,自愿给予 She volunteered the information.她自动提供了这一消息.vi.1. 自愿;自愿服务[(+for)] He volunteered for

Volunteer to do sth.(作动词时) 作名词时为可数名词. 希望能帮到你.

可当名词、形容词和动词 名词意为志愿者,形容词意为志愿的, 当动词时意为自愿,有volunteer to do sth.自愿做某事.

1 He volunteers to help his mother clean the house. 2 I volunteered to collect money for pools. 3 She is going to volunteering to visit the Old People's House. 4 We are volunteering to beautify our city. 5 They were volunteering to organize a welcome party. describe后面不能接to do sth

volunteer to do sth. /be willing to do sth

是volunteer to do ,没有volunteer do这个说法

volunteer n.志愿者(兵) vt.自愿(做;提供) vi.自愿作动词 v.(自愿)做 如 volunteered to act as chauffeur. 我自愿充当汽车司机. 希望有帮助~


volunteer to do
publish to do还是doing
volunteered to doing
volunteer to