plEAsE opEn An oFFiCE FilE Firstly是什么意思

please open an office file firstly. 请首先打开一个办公文件. 这是一个祈使句,指的是表示命令、请求、建议或劝告的句子.其主语you常省略,谓语动词用原形,句末用感叹号或句号,读降调. 1. 肯定的祈使句 (1)动词原形+其他 Stand up,

firstly 英 [f:stli] 美 [f:rstli] adv.第一,首先(主要用于列举条目、论点时) 首先;第一;首次;论文首先 双语例句1. Firstly, it's expensive, and secondly, it's too slow. 首先是价格贵,其次,速度太慢.2. You should gather yourself together

open plan office英[upn pln fis]美[opn pln fs]词典统间式办公室例句 1 The concept for the open plan office also allows for small areas in which to hold meetings, along with separate study offices. 这个概念的开放计划办公

机构名字 Evergreen 易混淆的单词: evergreen基本释义n. 1.[地名] [美国] 埃弗格林

open an account [英][upn n kaunt][美][opn n kant] 开户; 例句:1.Should I open an account first? 我该先开户吗?2.She used her first paycheck to open an account. 她用她第一次领到的薪水开了一个账户.

Open File Error!打开文件错误!双语例句:1、Function on a currently open file, an error occurs.函数,则发生错误.2、Cannot open the file. There was an error when trying to run% 1.不能打开文件.试图运行%1出现错误.3、InfoPath cannot open the script file because of an error.由于出现错误,infopath无法打开脚本文件.

“please see the attached file”是“请看附件”的意思.这里的attached是形容词,修饰file.1、please 英[pli:z] 美[pliz]int. 请;vt.& vi. 讨好; 使高兴; 使满意; 讨人喜欢;例句:can you help us please?能请你帮帮我们吗?2、see 英[si:] 美[si

Please find attached file for请找.的附加文件双语对照例句:1.'Attached please find those document about sc300 ( cdma 2000 1x) specification youasked,' wrote mr. pan in the recovered email to mr. hou, referring to the base station. 在被发


open an account开户;开账户;开立账户;开设帐户很高兴第一时间为您解答,祝学习进步如有问题请及时追问,谢谢~~O(∩_∩)O