n.1. 场合,时刻;重大活动2113,盛典[C]2. 时机,机会[S][(+for)] He seized the occasion to invite her home for dinner.他抓住机会邀请她回5261家里吃饭.3. 起因,近因[S][(+of)] Her departure was the occasion of much sadness.她的4102离别是

1、当occasion要表达“在……情况,场合下”的意思时,前面应与英语介词on搭配.I met strangers on that occasion. 在那次我遇见了一些陌生人.2、on occasion还有“偶尔地”的意思.I call on him on occasion. 我偶尔去拜访他.3、have

occasion英 [ken] 美 [ken] n.场合;机会,时机;理由;需要vt.惹起,引起by occasion of:因为on occasion:某个场合

occasion n. 时机,机会;场合;理由 vt. 引起,惹起 on occasion有时;间或;不时地;必要时 purchase occasion购买时机 occasion for时机;有…理由 varying occasion动时点 occasion situation场合 Paging Occasion寻呼块出现时刻 Any

condition-指某时某处事情发展,存在的状况、状态,一个人的"感觉如何". situation-往往指一组情况或一些情况的综合.常译为"情况"、"形势". occasion-指物定的"时机"、"场合"、"良机".


occasion与介词on搭配:on that/this occasion“在那(这)种场合”

position是位置,职务的意思 occasion是场合 location注重地理位置 situation是情况(任何情况).condition是条件状况

state,condition,situation,statusThese nouns denote the mode of being or form of existence of a person or thing.这些名词都表示人或事物存在的形式或方式. State andcondition, the most general, are largely interchangeable: State 和condition 最