i orDEr thAt shoulD

除了用should以外,还可以用may('可能'之意).比如,--I gave her $100 in order that she might buy the bike she had wanted. --In oder that you may get the job, you may have to pass the exam.

1.虚拟语气在条件句中的用法 (1)若表示与现在事实相反的假设,则条件从句中用过去式,主句中用过去将来式(would,should,could,might + 动词原形);若表示某事将来实现的可能性不大,则条件从句中用should + 动词原形也可用“were to+

order that sb (should) do 命令某人做某事,should可省,从句谓语要用原型,是虚拟语气

in order that = 以便 in order that 后放从句.从句的时态在于主句的时态:I read books in order that I may understand the world around me.I taught him every day in order that he could become a bright boy.in order to、so as to、in order that 的用法说明可以参考《结束蹦单词时代:外教教你用连词》, Raffaela S. A. Buonocore 著,中国书籍出版社.

hurried 过去时,所以要保持一致也用过去时

虚拟语气中的should是助动词,助动词本身没有意思.情态动词与助动词都是不能单独作谓语的动词,二者的区别就是 前者有 意思 后者没有意思.

1) It is demanded / necessary / a pity + that…结构中的主语从句的谓语动词要用should 加动词原形, should 可省略.句型: (1)suggestedIt is (2)important that…+ (should) do (3) a pity(1)suggested, ordered, proposed, required, demanded,

1)在主语从句中的应用 It is demanded / necessary / a pity + that…等结构的主语从句,谓语动词用should 加动词原形,should 可省略.可用的词有三类 It is+ (1)suggested, ordered, required, proposed, demanded, requested, insisted等 (2)

1、意思上的区别 in order that和in order to的意思都是'为了,以便'.2、用法上的区别 in order to后面接动词,是简单句.in order that后面加的是从句,是状语从句.3、短语上的区别 ①、in order to in order to do:为了 ; 为了做 ; 表目的

in order to 为了,后接动词原形,做目的状语.i get up early in order to catch the early bus.in order that为了,后接从句,做目的状语i get up early in order that i can catch the early bus.


order sb that例句
once in a while
order should do
in order to后面跟什么
order that should
for a moment or two
in order that
now that