BE FAmous with后接

这个词的意思与be famous for 一样用法也一样,意思是因而出名.例句:China is famous for/with the Great Wall.意思:中国因长城而出名.

be famous as 作为而出名

be known of be popular forbe known as

Be famous 出名例句: One day, I'll be rich and famous. 总有一来天我会名源利双收. She was more famous as a writer than as a singer. 她作为作家百比作为歌手名声要大度.

be famous for 因为……而出名 be famous to =be popular to 对……来说出名 be famous as 接身份,作为……而出名 你的话是因为出名已经出名的人而出名

be famous with`、be famous for和be famous都是 著名的.但是用法和具体含义有所不同.①be famous with:与be famous for的含义相同.be famous for:因某事而出名,以…著称,后一般跟事物.如刘昊然因电影《唐人街探案》而出名.Liu

be famous for sth be famous as sth be famous with 作为而出名 be famous to be 广为人知的 famous:英 [fems] 美 [fems] 例句:1,New Orleans is famous for its cuisine. 新奥尔良以其美食而著称.2,He had partnered the famous

be famous as 后不接具体书名.be famous as” 表示“以……而出名” 的意思, 或确切地说, 是“作为……而出名“的意思, 主要是表示人“以某种身份或职业而出名”, 或表示某地方“作为什么产地或地方而出名”, 或表示某事物“以某种形式而出名”. 如: Mark Twin was famous as a children-story writer. 马克 吐温作为儿童故事作家而著称. This book isfamous as a reference book. 这本书作为参考书而出名.

只有be famous for是固定搭配.因.而出名比如.Hangzhou is famous for its lake.杭州因其的西湖而出名.

be famous for啊,以而著名 没有be famous with这个搭配~ 反正我是没见过.我只知道be famous for 和be famous as


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