An ArtiClE oF



an article 英[n :tikl] 美[n rtkl] 一条 [例句]I was rereading an article in fortune from 1981.我正在重读《财富》杂志(Fortune)1981年发表的一篇文章.This is an article on the new club manager. 这是一篇介绍新上任的俱乐部经理的文章.

an article of clothing


clothes 是表示复数的名词,不能用作单数,故用a suit of clothes,指一“套”多件衣服.而clothing 正相反,是衣服、服装的总称,是集体名词,没有复数形式,故只能说an article of clothing,a piece of clothing

an article一篇文章;一条; 例句.I was rereading an article in fortune from 1981.我正在重读《财富》杂志(Fortune)1981年发表的一篇文章.

artical of clothing意思是一件衣服,用法参考如下例句:1、I found an article of clothing in his office. 我在他的办公室发现了一件衣服.2、An article of clothing was found near the river. 在河旁,发现了一件衣服.3、This was no mean feat for an


If I were a tree If I were a tree, I will motionlessly stand on the lawn and absorb carbon dioxide which the people put out. releasing oxygen which the people need, for the city which makes noise increase the fresh air. If I were a tree. I do not like in the


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