ThE ChinEsE lunAr NEw YEAr usuAlly ______ two rECo...

C 试题分析:考查动词:A.develops发展B.conducts指导C.witnesses目睹D.launches发行,句意:中国农历新年经常见证两个记录,世界上看的最多的春节联欢晚会和最忙的电视交流网络.选C.点评:动词的词义辨析要放在上下文的语境中进行,要注意上下文的语义的串联以及逻辑关系的推理,特别要注意一些动词的固定搭配以及动词的深层次的含义的区别.这几个单词词义有点相似,建议考生从词义进行对比,还有注意及物还是不及物动词.

in 在 (二月份)

Describe a festival from your country I have been asked to talk about a popular festival, of the new year and a farewell to the old year.According to the lunar calendar,Chinese

120词也太少了吧?During the Chinese Lunar New Year,people will pour out their money to buy presents, decoration, material, food, and clothing. It is also traditional for every family to thoroughly clea

( A )1.The Chinese New Year usually comes in ______.A.February B.January C.May D.October新年一般在二月,见第一段第二句.( B )2.The Chinese people may call 1992_______A.the Year of the Dog B.the Year of

[图文] In the past two decades, the Chinese studies programs have gained huge popularity in Western 2. Most New Year parties are usually noisy,because ____ . A. people sing songs B. bands play music

It usually comes in January or February.Everyone in China likes Spring Festival very much.When Spring Festival comes,I often(usually) help my parents clean our house and do some cooking.On that day person eats dumplings ,New Year cake and some other food.But I like dumplings best.We often eat dumplings and watch TV.